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To achieve the best results in the AAT therapy, a wide range of substances and stimuli are required. It’s important to note that any stimulus, substance or even a component within a substance can cause an inappropriate reaction. Furthermore, since each individual’s reaction to a particular substance may differ, even within the same item, AAT requires an extensive database of substances. Given that some of the substances needed for treatment are impossible to obtain in physical form, a signaling system becomes essential.

AAT utilizes a proprietary digital signaling system that currently represents more than 65,000 substances, making treatment options highly specific and tailored to each individual’s needs. The digital representations are used in place of the actual substances during testing and treatment, offering a safe, effective, and non-reactive exposure method for allergy sufferers.

At its core, the AAT treatments are all about precision. By using the digital signals we are able to pinpoint the specific triggers that can cause inappropriate reactions. This is made possible through the careful organization of the AAT signals into different groups, families, components, and subcomponents. By doing so, any AAT practitioner can quickly and easily identify which substances or components within a substance are causing an inappropriate reaction. To give you an idea, let’s say someone experiences a headache after consuming chocolate. In some cases, it may be due to certain “components” of the stimulus being perceived as a threat by the body. These components could include caffeine, cocoa butter, phenols, theobromine, or a protein molecule found in chocolate. Identifying and treating the correct components is crucial for achieving successful treatment outcomes.

The AAT system uses a specialized treatment cuff that can be conveniently placed on any area of the body’s surface to transmit a digital signal for both testing and treatment purposes.

By utilizing the digital signals, we’re able to offer an unlimited number of items for treatment. And the best part? Our database is constantly updated, and new signals are added regularly.

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