Lower Back Pain

Nearly 80% of Americans will experience low back pain during their lifetime. Low back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office exceeded only by upper-repository infections. If you watch television or have recently gone to a family medical doctor for low back pain, the information you’re getting may not be the most accurate. For example, you have probably been told to go on bed rest or take an over the counter pain reliever and in a few days the pain will be gone. While these options may be a temporary fix, sometimes more treatment is needed to get to the cause of the problem. Most commercials convey the message that the cure is in the bottle! When in reality that is not the case! Pills tend to mask mechanical problems of the back that need mechanical types of treatment. Most back pains are problems of the spinal joints, either moving too little (fixations or dysfunction), or too much (instability).

Studies show that when back pain is not treated or not treated correctly, temporary relief is the result and the pain will most likely return. Chiropractic spinal manipulation (adjustment) is a safe and effective treatment for various types of back pain. An adjustment is designed to correct spinal misalignments of the low back vertebra which improves the range of motion of the joints. When low back joints are moving properly, it decreases pain, decreases the use of medication, and gives you back quality of life.

By taking care of the problems when they are small and taking care of the problems with the proper treatment, future problems can be prevented and avoided.

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