Neck Pain

How well do you know your neck? This magnificent and delicate structure that holds up your head, moves in many directions and protects your body’s lifeline is often taken for granted…until it is injured.

It may seem simple when looking from the outside, but inside it is a complex structure that is vital for health. All of the muscles that turn your head are controlled by nerves. When you look to the right or the left while driving your car or when you answer yes or no to a question. There are 7 bones that make up your neck – also known as your cervical spine. When you are a baby and you begin to raise your head to look around, your neck begins to develop its cervical curve which becomes the normal spinal alignment as you age. This alignment ensures proper movement of your neck, good nerve supply, and normal function.

Unfortunately, your neck can become injured from the birth process, falls, accidents, or other types of stress which can affect the alignment, nerve supply and function of your spine. This injury is known as a vertebral subluxation.
Because there is so much affected and controlled by the neck, these misalignments or subluxations can cause health problems such as neck, shoulder and arm pain, headaches, allergies, attention deficit and so much more. The list of conditions that can be caused by misalignments is long.

Rather than masking your symptoms with over the counter or prescription medication such as muscle relaxers or pain relievers, which can have severe side effects, it is better to get to the cause of the problem and get the alignment of your neck corrected. After a thorough examination and a review of your health history, I will recommend a specific care plan that will include spinal manipulations or adjustments. The words “chiropractic adjustment” describes using a carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore spinal bones to a more normal position or motion. When spinal function is improved, nervous system function is improved and overall health is improved.

Isn’t it time you stop taking your neck for granted? Make an appointment for yourself and your loved ones today.

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