Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Our wrists and fingers are being used in ways that were unimaginable 50 years ago. From typewriters to keyboards now to tablets and smart phones, our hands were just not designed for constant short spanned motion. If you are experiencing tingling or numbness in your fingers hand or wrist, or are experiencing weakness or pain in these areas, you may be experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). The carpal tunnel is a small tunnel like area in your wrist where nerves pass through from your arm to your fingers. If these nerves becomes tightened or pinched due to excess use, you can develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Not all wrist pain is classified as CTS. It is important to decipher the difference between CTS and other hand issues. Often enough the same symptoms can exist when there is a neck misalignment, history of auto injury, or other back conditions. The nerves of the neck control all the nerves of our arms and hands. If the nerves of the neck are being compressed, wrist and hand pain is a common symptom. Speak to Dr. Michelle LeBlanc, a chiropractor who is trained to determine whether your condition is a true Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or another easily treatable condition.

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