Back pain is often associated with an old injuries or a long day of work but our daily life and habits can cause back pain. Below are a list of bad habits or activities in our daily lives that can cause chronic pain.

  1. Poor Diet and Obesity
  2. Lack of Exercise
  3. Slumped Shoulders & Poor Posture
  4. Your Office Chair
  5. The Wrong Type of Shoe
  6. An Unsupportive Bra
  7. An Old Mattress
  8. Your Shoulder Bag or Backpack
  9. Smoking
  10. Stress and Depression

Each of the items in this list changes puts undo stress on our muscles and vertebra which result in lower back pain. Working with a Chiropractor and addressing these habits can dramatically reduce chronic lower back pain.

We will follow up with posts on each of the causes!